The nacelle is the center of technologies

The current technology of choice for wind turbines is the horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT). Its blades are mounted on a short horizontal axle that penetrates the front of the nacelle which is the house of the technologies that converts wind power into electrical power.

Perfect weldings are necessary for the tower

The tower is a thick-walled welded steel-tube, capable of withstanding extreme loads when strong winds exert forces to a nacelle weighing hundreds of tonnes. The forces that are not converted into electrical power are transmitted to the tower. This creates a necessity for expensive high quality weldings.

What is underneath the tower

In the effort to reduce Cost of Energy a closer look at the support structures and foundations is needed. Read about all support structure types used in todays existing offshore wind farms.hoto: Aarsleff Bilfinger Berger JV

Inside the nacelle

Explore the current technical solutions of the modern wind turbine nacelle.

Welding a tower

Read more on the methods used for building wind turbine towers

Which is which?

Foundation, support structure or sub-structure. Get clarity over the terminology here


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