The growth of green power poses new challenges - to control the fluctuating energy means storing it

Energy from the wind is in principle free and should thus be an undivided blessing for a power-hungry world. However, the supply of wind is constantly out of pace with the demand for electrical power, causing the local market prices to fluctuate wildly. These fluctuations create a strong incentive to store the energy, and this incentive grows as the share of wind energy in the grid increases.

Storing large quantities of energy is expensive, however, and the most efficient technologies are not available for all. The following articles list the current technical possibilities with their pros and cons.

As a supplement to storing energy, the price fluctuations can also be lessened by exporting and importing surplus energy to other nations. However, this solution demands an expensive infrastructure that grows in price as the distance increases. Direct current is the modern technology of choice, but key components are still missing. 

Pausing a hydroelectric power plant

Filling up an elevated lake

Elevating a plain grass field


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