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Offshore Renewables Map

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Area of Wind Farm: - km2
Distance between Rows: - m
Distance between Turbines: - m
Distance from Shore: - km
Water Depth: - m
Average Wind Speed: - m/s
Timeline & Track Records:
Commission Year: - year
Turbine Installer:
Substructure Installer:
Inter-array Cable Installer:
Export Cable Installer:
Offshore Substation Installer:
Project Cost: - million euros
Production & Performance:
Installed Capacity: - MW
Annual Production: - GWh
Capacity Factor: - %
Number of Turbines: -
Substation, Inter-Array & Export Cables:
Inter-Array Operating Voltage: - kV
Export Operating Voltage: - kV
Export Transmission Type:
Turbine, Tower & Substructure:
Turbine Manufacturer:
Turbine Model:
Rated Power pr. Turbine: - MW
Rotor Diameter: - m
Blade Tip Speed (rated): - m/s
Blade Tip Speed (max): - m/s
Drive Train:
Generator Type:
Nacelle Weight: - t
Top Head Mass: - t
Support Structure:

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